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            Charles E. Atchison, Sr., President/Owner of Atchison Transportation Services, Inc. (ATS) and Atchison Enterprises, is a native of Spartanburg, South Carolina and a true example of the American success story, in an early environment less than supportive to minority accomplishments.  In starting his business 63  years ago, in 1954, as a taxi/delivery driver, he has built ATS, through hard work, sacrifice and foresight, into a highly successful, full-service ground transportation company.  Most believe he is the singe most respected and successful minority businessperson in Spartanburg, SC.

In all of the positive connotations, Charles has been a leader, mentor and positive role model in Spartanburg and especially in the minority community.  He has fostered new business development for many aspiring business people, regardless of race, gender or any other factor.  He has set the tone for non-discrimination, long before it became mandatory.  While helping such individuals, he expects them to succeed on their own merit and hard work, just as he did.  While giving virtually all of his time to his business, family and helping others, he still found time to serve within the community. 

His legacy  will be seen and told by others for years to come.  It can truly be said, “He was a self-made man”, with help from his family, God and a few helping hands along the way.  He is a positive role model, leader and inspiration to all people.                     

Thursday, FEBRUARY 16, 2017 / 12:00 PM / the piedmont club

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