Popcorn Sales Information

Trails End Popcorn is the premier company that helps fund Scouting. Since 1980 Trail’s End has specialized in providing a healthy, wholesome, and quality product that is exclusive to Scouting. The support they provide to ensure your unit sale is successful is unparalleled by any other and is why the Palmetto Council uses Trail’s-End as our preferred product fund raiser.

With over 73% of the Popcorn sale going to support Scouting there is no other fund raiser with that high of a return with the majority of the money going directly to your unit.  Up to 40% goes straight to units in the form of unit commission, prizes for your Scouts, and sales materials.  The remaining 30% goes to support Camp Bob Hardin, the Conley Clarke, and the other indirect support provided for your Scouting program.

2016 Commission Information 

33%        Base Commission for all order (including online sales)
35%        If: 

  1. Unit turns in Unit Planning Calendar at August Roundtable
  2. Unit turns in Ideal Year of Scouting Budget, based on the Unit Planning Calendar
  3. Popcorn Payment/Settlement is made by December 2, 2016

37%        If Unit achieves Unit Sales Goal based on the Unit Planning Calendar & the Ideal Year of Scouting Budget

*Additional 3% if Unit chooses not to participate in the Prize Mania program.

2016 Sale Dates 

August 8 – September 8               Show & Sell Orders Due
September 16                                   Show & Sell Order Distribution
September 19                                   Take Order Begins
October 14                                          Unsold “Show & Sell” Returns(50% by product)
October 21                                          Take Orders Due in System
November 4-5                                   Take Order Distribution
November 4                                       Prize Orders due in Prize Mania system
December 2                                       Popcorn Payments Due to Council

2016 Resources 

2016 Sale Welcome Letter
2016 Products
Ideal Year of Scouting Budget Template
Calendar Template    
Unit Kernel - Popcorn System Overview 
2016 Newsletter
2016 Forms
Council Prize Flyer  
Training PowerPoint

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