The below form is an online registration for the off-season reservations at Camp Bob Hardin.  You can also complete a hard copy and email it to Matthew Kelly.  Please note that all usage fees ($2/person per weekend) and facilities fees (if applicable) are due upon arrive.  Once you have submitted your reservation request , the Palmetto Council Service Center will verify availability.  If you submit your request online, be sure to read the CBH rules and regulations which can be found HERE.   Click HERE for a copy of the Camp Map. 

COPE & Climbing Equipment:  The only way our cope/climbing equipment can be rented or used on site is if one of our certified climbing instructors is present. If it’s rented, one of our cope/climbing committee members will need to be the ones to rent it, pick it up, log the use and return it. If there’s a group staying on site that is using the tower or any equipment, one of our certified instructors will need to be present to supervise everything.   Click HERE to contact the Climbing Committee with questions.  

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