Welcome to our scouting family!

We are thrilled that you chose to invest in your son's future by enrolling him in Scouting.  Our mission is to prepare him to make ethical and moral choices over his lifetime by instilling in him the values of the Scout Oath and Law.  Please use the below resource links to help guide you in his Scouting journey.  If you ever have questions, please contact our council service center at (864) 585-4391 or contact a member of our staff and will be glad to assist you.  Welcome to the family!  

Parent Resources

Additional Resources 

  • Guide to Advancement  //  BSA Advancement policies and best practices. 
  • Camp Bob Hardin  // A camping facility operated by the council and the home to our summer camp programs.  
  • Palmetto Post E-Newsletter  //  Our monthly E-Newsletter and Email alert database.  
  • Facebook  // The official Palmetto Council Facebook page. 
  • Guide to Safe Scouting  // A document of all BSA safety policies and procedures.  
  • Medical Forms  // A document required for all BSA events that captures important individual medical information.  
  • STEM Nova   // Scouting recognition for STEM achievements.  
  • Training  // Courses designed to help volunteers prepare to lead an effective Scouting program.