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The Palmetto Council NESA Committee is the process of forming. The goal of the committee is to be a resource for Eagle Scouts to reconnect with the program, network with fellow Eagles, support new Eagles, and give back to the scouting program.

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2017 NESA Banquet
2017 NESA National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award Presentation 
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NESA Service Project:  VFW Cremains Garden 


The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) Palmetto Council Chapter is working to build a much needed Veterans Memorial and Cremains Garden for the Rock Hill VFW, Post 2889.  This service project is intended to honor those men and women who have served our Country‚Äôs Military and give their Families a place to not only inter their remains (ashes), but also a place to gatherboth individually and in group to honor and memorialize those whom have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today.

            The Memorial will serve several roles. First; this will be a place of Honor that will recognize each branch of Service and the names of those interred will be placed on a monument under the branch of service in which they served. Second; there will be a fire ring for holding proper flag retirement ceremonies and the ashes from the flags retired will also be properly interred as well. Third; this will be a gathering place, for prayer, meditation and celebrations of those who served and a place for their Families to come and remember.

            The project will be built by volunteer Eagle Scouts who are Members of the NESA Chapter and their labor is a gift for this much needed memorial. The material cost for this project is estimated between $5000.00 and $6000.00 and we are working with Members of the VFW to raise those funds in order to make this vision a reality. We are asking that you consider making a tax deductible donation in order to help us achieve this goal. Tax deductible donations can be made directly to the VFW Post 2889 and designated for the Palmetto Council Chapter of NESA.  Click HERE to download a donation card with various giving levels shown. Any amount is very much appreciated, and once the funding is secured, we will begin work on the project. Any monies left over will be donated to the VFW for the ongoing care and maintenance of the Memorial.

           Our goal is to have the project completed by the Spring of 2018 in order to have a formal dedication ceremony on or before Memorial Day (May 2018). Your consideration and donations are very much appreciated. 

Palmetto Council Eagle Scout Facts  

Mr. Charles Duke, Apollo 16 Astronaut & Distinguished Eagle Scout

Mr. Charles Duke, Apollo 16 Astronaut & Distinguished Eagle Scout

Palmetto Council NESA National outstanding Eagle scout award recipients

Mr. Luther Dasher
Mr. Robert "Wes" Hayes Jr.
Mr. Bob Justice
Mr. Herb Kirsh
Mr. Daniel Malphrus Jr. 
Mr. Norman F. Schaefer
Mr. Neal Barber
Mr. Glenn Robinson
Mr. Wayne Hall

Distinguished Eagle Scouts Recipients

Mr. Clyde Alexander
Mr. J.V. Bauknight
Mr. William Brumbach
Mr. Jack Caskey
Mr. Laurence Chapman
Mr. Hugh Chapman
Mr. Conrad Cleveland Jr. 
Mr. William Duke
Mr. Charles Duke Jr. 
Mr. Grover Eaker
Mr. Thomas Galt
Mr. Arthur Gaston
Mr. Roosevelt Gilliam
Mr. Gaines Hammond Sr.
Mr. William Jeffords
Mr. George Johnson
Mr. Robert "Bob" Justice
General Joseph Moore
Dr. Kirk Neely
Mr. Dwight Neese
Mr. Edward Perrin
Mr. Gabriel Rouquie
Mr. Donald Scott
General William Westmoreland
Mr. Richard Wilson