Executive Board

The executive board is a functioning administrative group elected to take the necessary action to achieve the purposes of the council. It establishes the council program and carries out the resolutions, policies, and activities voted on by the council. It determines policy for the council in accordance with its delegated authority, and within the context of the Charter and Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America.

The board protects the long-range future of Scouting in the community. Council board members play two complimentary but very different roles. First, like the familiar corporate board member, they govern the organization. Unlike the corporate board member, they also sign on as volunteers agreeing to undertake any assignment reasonably asked of them.
— Orientation Guide for Council Officers and Executive Board Members

Executive Board Duties 

  1. Set the mission of the council and review it from time to time.

  2. Be committed to the mission, values, and goals of the Boy Scouts of America.

  3. Hire or fire the Scout executive.

  4. Fiduciary responsibilities.

  5. Quality of the Scouting program.

  6. Strategic planning.

  7. Fundraising.

  8. Board development (nominating committee).

  9. Observe conflict-of-interest policies.

  10. Attend, participate, and vote at council executive board meetings.

  11. Manage council issues from a policy perspective.

  12. Work as a team.

2019 Palmetto Council Executive Board Members 

Mr. Dan Atkinson (District Chair)
Mr. Neal Barber
Mr. Bobby Bass
Mr. Bill Binkley
Mr. Elton Chapman
Senator Wes Climer
Mr. Dan I. Cockerill
Mr. Bruce Collins
Mr. Chris M. Connelly
Ms. Tashma Glymph
Mr. William Gray
Mr. Ellis Greene (youth member)
Mr. Britt Helms
Dr. Keith A. Keller
Mr. Jason Land
Mr. Ohmar Land
Dr. Boyce M. Lawton, III
Rev. Dustin Madala


Dr. Doug Marion
Mrs. Helena Miller
Mr. Scott Miller
Mr. Allan Pangburn (District Chair)
Dr. Troy Phillips
Mr. Charles Reid
Mr. Ken A. Reiter
Mr. George Sheppard (District Chair)
Mr. David Simmons
Mr. Keith Smith
Mr. Glenn C. Stoner
Mr. Richard Strasburger
Mr. Jimmy Summers
Dr. Paul Switzer
Mrs. Cara Thompson
Mr. Josh Vann
Mr. Robert White
Mr. Gary Williams


Mr. Bill Beers
Mr. Wayne Bouldin
Mr. Bill Cobb
Mr. Freddie Gault
Mr. Wes Hayes, Esquire
Mr. John Lodmell
Mr. Dwight Neese
Dr. Jennifer Parker
Mr. Ronald Russell

2019 Palmetto Council Life Board Members  

Mr. Arthur L. Gaston, Esquire
Mr. Bob Holmes
Mr. Robert Justice, Life Board Chair
Mr. Hulic Ratterree
Mr. Robert Stoner