Camp Bob Hardin Update

Camp Bob Hardin suffered significant damage to roads, buildings, and systems during a catastrophic flood event in May 2018. Engineers have determined that major repairs are needed to provide a safe environment for children and adults to experience the adventure of Scouting. Summer camp program for the 2018 and 2019 seasons has been cancelled to allow time for repairs. A steering committee has been formed to work with construction experts to provide advice and guidance for work at Camp Bob Hardin.

The Palmetto Council board of directors has closed the property to all events until such time as operating permits have been approved for reopening the camp. Packs and Troops should work closely with the Council Camping Committee to find alternative sites for summer camp and other program activities for the immediate future.

Volunteers recognized during the 2018 Council Banquet

The 2018 Palmetto Council Banquet was held on March 3, 2018 at Grace Lutheran Church.  During the banquet, the 2017 Silver Beaver Class was presented as well Journey to Excellence recognitions,  Whitney M. Young award, Medal of Merit and a Hornaday Award.  

2017 Silver Beaver Class 

 Keith Smith, Scott Miller, Bill Binkley

Keith Smith, Scott Miller, Bill Binkley

Scott Miller

Scott Miller is truly passionate about everything he does and puts every effort into learning all he can about whatever he does, but he has always had a special place in his heart for the Boy Scouts. The leaders, experiences and “life lessons” he learned early on through the Boy Scouts has helped mold his integrity and the overall “selfless servanthood” character that makes him the man, father and leader he is today.
Scott began his Scouting career as a member of Troop 185 where his dad served as Scout Master for several years. When he was elected into the Order of the Arrow, he was the youngest Boy Scout to receive that honor at the time. He was also part of the Indian Dance team. He earned the rank of   Eagle Scout in 1992. He and others worked diligently to    complete his service project before he had to report to boot camp as he had joined the Army National Guard at the age of 17.
He is currently Chief of Boiling Springs Fire Department, serves as a reserve police officer with Landrum Police Department, volunteers with different service organizations and sits on various committees, and advisory boards   throughout the community, including the Executive Board of the Palmetto Council. He has worked diligently with the properties committee at Camp Bob Hardin as well as helping to provide medical staff for summer camp at Camp Bob     Hardin. He is always willing to help anyone and he is a prime example of what a mentor to the community should be.
Scott is married to his wife Shannon and they have five children, Sierra, Allison, Samantha, Joni and Jeremy.

Keith Smith

Keith Smith began his scouting career as a lad on August 1st, 1979 with troop 597. He went on to achieve the rank of Eagle on June 4, 1982. He spent numerous summers working at the former Camp Palmetto, now known as Camp Bob Hardin. Little did he know his relationship with this camp was just beginning.   After   taking some time away from scouting to begin his career and start a family. He returned to scouting and served as a Council Committee Member and a Unit Commissioner from 2007- 2009. During this time he had the opportunity to work with several troops and build numerous bonds with other volunteers. He then moved on to serve as a District Chair from 2010-2011. 
Since 2011 he has served on the Council’s Executive Board and currently serves in the position of Vice President of Properties. This position takes him back to Camp Bob Hardin quite a bit. A place that he truly can say is one of his favorite places. One of the major highlights from his job as the Vice President of Properties is the new shower house addition. Which after much struggle was opened to campers this past summer. He also is an advocate of Wood Badge and was a participant in course SR-820 in 2008. This antelope has continued to serve Wood Badge for the last 7 years and will serve as Senior Patrol Leader in the upcoming course in 2018. De-wayne would be so proud at how he has been able to suck the darkness out and insert light into the lives of so many people but his family is prouder. When you see this silver beaver around greet him with a BAM and remind him how wonderful a flushing toilet in the shower house sounds.

Bill Binkley

William “Bill” Binkley  began his Scouting career in 1986 when he joined Troop 540 in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  He earned his Eagle Scout award in 1991.  Bill graduated from
Johnson & Wales University where he majored in culinary arts.  After college, he began working in the food industry in Atlanta, GA. 
In 2010, Bill joined the Scouting program again with his son, William, in Pack 178.  In 2013, Bill helped found Troop 540 at Grace Lutheran Church.  Bill is a proud Eagle Scout and He has been very instrumental in forming and growing the Palmetto Council chapter of NESA.  One of Bill’s proudest moments was watching his son earn his Eagle in 2015.  Bill has helped in many Scouting roles including Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, SEALS staff, District Advancement Chair, Council Advancement Chair, Council Executive Board Member and Eagle Board of Review Chairman.  Bill is known for his friendly personality, cheerful smile and his willingness to always help make a difference.  He has been recognized for his hard work with the York District Committee Member of the year award and the District Award of Merit. Bill is married to his wife, Marielys, and they have one son, William.

Journey to Excellence 


Palmetto Council - GOLD
Skyuka Lodge - GOLD
Catawba District - GOLD
York District - SILVER 

Medal of Merit 

 Brendan Fatora

Brendan Fatora

Whitney M. Young 

 Emerson Couch 

Emerson Couch 

James E. West Fellowship Contributors 

 Josh Bouldin, Cole Taylor, Boyce Lawton, Robert Mercer

Josh Bouldin, Cole Taylor, Boyce Lawton, Robert Mercer

Hornaday Award 

 Troop 250

Troop 250

Palmetto Council seeks nominations for the Elbert K. Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award

The Elbert K. Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award has been developed by the Educational Relationships Subcommittee (ERSC) of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Dr. Fretwell was a professor of education at Columbia University, an early thinker in the Scouting movement, and the second Chief Scout Executive of the BSA (succeeding James E. West). The Fretwell Award is presented by local Scouters to teachers, educational support staff, and school administrators who stand out from their professional peers in instilling Scouting values in their students. Dr. Fretwell championed Scouting programs as extracurricular learning opportunities that promoted positive values and community service. 

The Palmetto Council will  award the Elbert K Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award to one educator in each of our districts.  Please take a moment to complete the below nomination form for an educator who best exemplifies the Scout Oath and Law and teaches students to make good decisions.  NOMINATION DEADLINE:  FEBRUARY 28, 2018.  

Paying for camp just got a whole lot easier!

How easy is it to sell this camp card? It is as easy as asking, “Would you please support me and my Scouting adventures this summer so that I may attend summer camp?”

It provides the “outing” in Scouting by promoting the outdoors and increasing camp
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The price point is perfect. The perceived value to the consumer is priceless. How often can you use it? The use of the side snap off tabs on the card pay for the card.
These local Camp Cards are designed to help Scouts earn their on way to camp.This helps the parents with the cost of camp and it helps the individual Scout learn the value of his efforts.

Many of the businesses on these Camp Cards will allow your Unit to sell these cards in front of their businesses. It is as simple as calling the business and asking!

We are proud to announce the 2018 Camp Card with more value than ever before.  This Camp Card program will offer a card for each district.  Orders are due by THIS THURSDAY (DECEMBER 14). Please discuss this program with your unit at your meeting this week. Cards will be available at the January Roundtable/Banquet.  Learn more about the card by viewing the Leader's Guide.  Order your cards today!   

Palmetto Council NESA Chapter Honoring 2017 National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) Class

2017 NESA National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) Reception 

 Glenn Robinson

Glenn Robinson

 Neal Barber 

Neal Barber 

 Wayne Hall

Wayne Hall

The Palmetto Council NESA Chapter has announced the 2017 NESA National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) class:  Glenn Robinson, Neal Barber, and Wayne Hall.  The 2017 class will be honored during the 2018 NESA Banquet held on January 6, 2018 in Rock Hill, SC.  The NESA chapter invites the entire Palmetto Council Scouting Family to join us as we recognize both the 2017 Palmetto Council Eagle Class and our 2017 NOESA recipients.  Please register by December 20, 2017.  

Joshua Bouldin Selected as York District Director


We are proud to announce the selection of Joshua Bouldin to serve as the York District Director effective December 1, 2017. Joshua will serve the Scouting programs in York County to ensure quality program experiences for nearly 2,500 families. He will work closely with district committee leaders to support the membership growth, unit service, outdoor program, and sustainable finance initiatives of district operations. He will also give supervisory leadership to the Palmetto Council Distinguished Citizen Dinner and Palmetto Golf Classic events.

Joshua is an Eagle Scout from the Palmetto Council and a graduate of Winthrop University. He has served on the York District Commissioner staff and Eagle Board of Review team. Joshua served on the staff of Wood Badge courses SR-992 and SR-1019. Josh recently completed a successful tenure as our senior development director where he earned his professional commission from Scouting University. He has also served as Territory Manager with the BSA Supply Group where he supported sales budgets of over $8.5 million. Josh enjoys music, classic cars, and volunteering with his son’s Cub Scout pack.

The Ethan Giving Tree Programs Begins November 17th

The Palmetto Scout Shop is providing an opportunity for the Scouting community to help local Scout members who may be in need of uniforms and uniform items.

This help will be done through The Ethan Giving Tree program starting November 17 through December 20, 2017. The Ethan Giving Tree program works on a donation basis. An Ethan tree (similar to an Angel tree) will be set up at the Scout Shop with Ethan cards on it. Each card will have the first name of the Scout along with the uniform items that they need. There will also be a space for other items they may want such as books, crafts, camping items, etc. Customers and Scout supporters can purchase the item(s) in their local Scout Shop and give them to the store staff to collect for each child.

We will keep the name of the individual(s) confidential. Only the store staff will have access to the Scout’s name and your contact information. A code will be issued that will match a card in the safe that will have your contact information, so as the donations are collected store staff will contact you so arrangements for pickup can be made. 

Please consider supporting a Scout this Holiday season!