Unit Fundraising

Unit fund-raising projects play an important role in enabling units to obtain new equipment, go on camping trips, and participate in other activities and events. More important, the way a unit earns money is of great importance in the education of youth members in basic values.

Usually, these projects fall into four groups:

Service Projects

Car washes
Forestry projects
Collection of paper,  aluminum, scrap iron, and plastic

Ticket Sales

Council shows
Other events

Activities involving parents

Bake sales
Pancake breakfasts
Spaghetti dinners

Sale of commercial products

Trails End Popcorn Sale
Christmas trees
First-aid kits
Light bulbs

Be sure that the members of your Unit Committees understand their responsibility for guiding the finances of the unit. These individuals not only promote the proper use of the Unit Budget plan and administer unit funds, but they must also be familiar with Unit Money-Earning policies.  Before a unit conducts a fund raiser a Unit Money-Earning Application must be submitted to the Council Service Center.  This ensures that national policies and guidelines are being followed.

BSA Policies

The following BSA policies are designed to protect both the Unit and the good reputation of Scouting.

  • No direct solicitation for funds by Units is permitted.
  • The Unit Committee is the custodian of all funds.
  • All Units must submit the Unit Money-Earning Application, No. 34427 to the local Council for approval. Such approval is contingent on prior approval of the Unit Committee and Chartered Organization.
  • The Unit Committee is the custodian of all funds.

General Guidelines

General guidelines for Unit Money-Earning projects include:

  • Do not gamble or conflict with local ordinances
  • Ensure your project provides a value worthy of the money spent on the project.
  • Respect the territorial rights of other Units.
  • Do not conflict with goods or services offered by established merchants or workmen.
  • Do not schedule a project that conflicts with established dates of fund-raising in the Chartered Organization, Council, or community.
  • Protect the name and goodwill of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Do not enter a contract that may bind the BSA, either locally or nationally.Consider money-earning projects that serve a dual purpose of conservation and money earning.
  • Collection of aluminum, glass, paper, and scrap metal can be profitable when conducted near a recycling facility. Units should be sure of a market before any collection. A collection must be well planned with adequate adult supervision and safety precautions.

Unit Money Earning Application

On the back of the Unit Money-Earning Application, you will find a set of 10 questions for Units to answer as they plan their project. If the answers are “yes” to all the questions, it is likely the project meets Scouting’s standards and will be approved.

Be sure to download this Unit Money Earning Form and submit for approval before starting any fundraising event. Please contact the Council Finance Director or your District Executive if you have any questions.