Paying for camp just got a whole lot easier!

How easy is it to sell this camp card? It is as easy as asking, “Would you please support me and my Scouting adventures this summer so that I may attend summer camp?”

It provides the “outing” in Scouting by promoting the outdoors and increasing camp
attendance. It teaches Scouts the importance of thriftiness and personal responsibility.

The price point is perfect. The perceived value to the consumer is priceless. How often can you use it? The use of the side snap off tabs on the card pay for the card.
These local Camp Cards are designed to help Scouts earn their on way to camp.This helps the parents with the cost of camp and it helps the individual Scout learn the value of his efforts.

Many of the businesses on these Camp Cards will allow your Unit to sell these cards in front of their businesses. It is as simple as calling the business and asking!

We are proud to announce the 2018 Camp Card with more value than ever before.  This Camp Card program will offer a card for each district.  Orders are due by THIS THURSDAY (DECEMBER 14). Please discuss this program with your unit at your meeting this week. Cards will be available at the January Roundtable/Banquet.  Learn more about the card by viewing the Leader's Guide.  Order your cards today!